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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mara?

Mara is a gaming network deisgned around real life events and activities. Example is BB9ja

What games can we play on Mara?

You can play on events built around the Big Brother 9ja game. Example is choosing the next head of house or the first housemate to be evicted

Is Mara affiliated to the organizers of BB9ja?

No. Mara is not affiliated to the organizers and hence we can't affect the outcome of any event

How do I deposit MTN airtime on my phone?

  1. Select MTN share and sell on the deposit page
  2. Enter the mobile number and your deposit amount
  3. Manually transfer the airtime to the mobile number designated to you online

What are other ways of depositing?

You can also fund your account using MTN airtime pin or through a bank transfer to our bank account.

Can I withdraw my winnings on Mara?

Yes, you can withdraw money from your Mara account to your bank account.

How long does bank withdrawals take?

Transfers from your Mara account to your bank account usally takes 5 mins

Are there any charges?

Yes, deposits made with airtime will be charged at 20%. Bank depoits and withdrawals are free

Can I transfer from one Mara account to another?

Yes and it's free