Responsible Gaming

Mara provides a self-exclusion facility to help you if you consider that you need to control your gaming.

If you request a self-exclusion, we will, as soon as is reasonably practicable, apply best practices to prevent you from using your account indefinitely. To this end, we may retain such personal data as is necessary (and for as long as is necessary which may be indefinitely) to implement the facility as effectively as possible (including for example your name, address and bank details).

Our self-exclusion facility involves a joint commitment between Mara and you. During a period of self-exclusion, we will take reasonable steps to prevent you re-opening your Account or opening a new Account but you must not attempt to re-open your Account or to try and open new Accounts.

You agree that you will not access any other Mara account to use any of our services or products from which you have excluded, during the period of any such self-exclusion.

Self-excluding from Mara will not affect your marketing preferences with third parties, including with advertising websites or other third party affiliates. We strongly recommend that you also contact such third parties and opt out from receiving any gaming related communications from them.

To activate our self-exclusion facility, please contact our customer services.

We shall not be liable for any losses you may suffer if you circumvent our self-exclusion procedures and continue to use our products or services or if you continue to play with any third party.