Based on activities in the BB9ja House

The outcome of every game/event on Mara is based on verifiable activities on the Big Brother 9ja show and it cannot be changed by Mara or decisions made after the confirmation.

Your selection cannot be edited

You cannot cancel or edit your choice or selection after you've played any game. We will reverse wagers on events that could'nt be verified or was cancelled by the organizers

Leaderboard rules

5% of your winning on any selection is added to the national leaderboard and another 5% will go to any other other leaderboard you are in. The prize pool will be shared on the last day of the show

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I withdraw when I win?

Yes, you can withdraw your winnings to your bank account

How long does it take for my winings to be credited?

All winning are credited 5 minutes after the event is completed and results are verified

Is Mara affiliated to the organizers of BB9ja?

No. Mara is not affiliated to the organizers and hence we can't affect the outcome of any event

Are there any charges when I win?

No, we don't charge anything when you win on Mara