How to trade shares of BBNaija housemates

New to the Mara BBNaija stockmarket or need a refresher on the basics? The concept is simple: Buy low, Sell high. Housemate Share prices are determined by supply and demand.

Prices go up when demand goes up, and prices go down when demand goes down. Profit by being ahead of the curve!

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Stock market

The BBNaija stockmarket is open 24/7 to all traders

Buy shares of any housemate at a low price and sell once the price increases.

Buying shares of housemates

  • Buy shares of any of the housemates on the stockmarket with real money

  • The price of any striker is determined the demand. More traders buy high performing housemates.

  • Buying shares of a housemate affects the share prices of all other housemates.

Sell your shares at anytime

  • You can sell shares that you have purcahsed at anytime provided the housemate has not been evicted

  • When you sell your shares it affects the share prices of all pther housemates in the market.

  • Cash out your dividends at anytime by selling atleaset 0.1 share in your striker.

Outright Bets on events

  • Mara also lets you bet outrightly on events like the head of house and who will be evicted.

  • Bets are settled immediatly the results are confirmed and you will see your winnings on your account balance.

  • The bets are not connected to the shares on the BBNaija market.

Betting on BBNaija events

Mara also offers bets on all events, housemate behaviour and activities in the Big Brother Naija house. For example, you can bet on whoether a male or a female will win the head of house


How share prices change

Share prices of each housemate is a determined by the demand. When you buy a share of any housemate, the price increases and correspondingly decreases the prices of all other housemates.


(Initial starting price per share of all housemates)

% change when you trade shares -
Less than 2.5%
% change on other housemates -
Less than 2%
Fee when you sell shares -
Commssion on won bets -
5% on amount won

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